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Q. What is your position on abortion?
Thibeaux LincecumDonna EdwardsPeter James
I oppose federal prohibition or funding of abortion.I support the right of a woman to make independent and unfettered decisions about her own reproductive health as a fundamental human right that must be protected. I believe strongly that reproductive rights are inexorably linked to empowering women concerning other life choices that impact women’s lives, such as a woman’s ability to improve economic opportunities and education goals.Since I have not the wisdom nor knowledge of God, I cannot say for certain when a soul takes up residence. I tend to believe it does so at conception. ‘‘That which you do unto the least of these, you do unto me.” That said, this is a state matter, not federal. I would not vote to fund abortion at the federal level. I further think that if we wish to make mothers carry their children to term, we need to be there for them so that the may raise them properly.

This is a perfect purpose for a jury. Rather than expect a small group of elected officials and judges to have such powers, I would like to see any killing be illegal. If brought to trial, the jury has the power to ‘‘nullify” any law which is either unjust or does not fit the circumstances for a particular offense.

The jury is a powerful tool for liberty. William Penn admitted to preaching an unlawful religion and the jury found him innocent. From this trial, we got freedom of religion. Peter Zeller libeled the Governor and was acquitted(freedom of the press). Many charged with transporting and hiding slaves in the North were also acquitted.

Poverty is a factor in the decision to seek an abortion. By restoring just money, this motivation is eliminated.

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