Thibeaux Lincecum
Libertarian for U.S. Congress in 2008

Maryland District Four

Smaller Government - Lower Taxes - More Freedom
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Civil Rights
How would you balance individual liberties and national security?
Thibeaux LincecumDonna EdwardsPeter James
Every security proposal should be weighed against its costs in lost privacy and time and also limited by constitutional guarantees against unreasonable search and seizure. Our nation's commitment to freedom makes it worth protecting, so the means of our protection must not unreasonably degrade that freedom.I will work to restore civil liberties that have been compromised under current policy. I oppose warrantless searches, wiretapping and mining of personal data without court oversight. Telecommunications companies that violated the law should be held accountable. The goals of national security can be met while maintaining Constitutional protections. Uphold the Constitution. Restore jury trial for “ALL crimes” and Habeas Corpus, uses Congresses power to “make exceptions” to Unconstitutional Court decisions. Restore free exercise of religion, speech, and press. Repeal the Patriot Act. As most of it is repugnant to the Constitution. Abolish the IRS, and the Federal Reserve.

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