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Q. Some, like Sen. Cardin, have called for a Manhattan Project-type effort to address the nation's energy needs and to get the U.S. off foreign oil? What do you believe should be done?
Thibeaux LincecumDonna EdwardsPeter James
If one source of energy becomes more expensive than alternatives, then those alternatives will be used instead. The market will ensure that we will have access to the most practical sources of energy, as long as government rules do not interfere. The federal government should not tax or subsidize any particular source of energy differently from other sources of energy.While some have described the challenge ahead as a "Manhattan Project," I like to think of the national commitment that is required as more akin to the "Apollo Project" -- one in which public investment links with private ingenuity and education to tackle this challenge. As a member of the Science and Technology Committee, I am committed to this type of big thinking for the 21st Century. This nation is long overdue for an energy policy that fundamentally redefines our approach to conservation, environmentalism and energy consumption. We need significant long-term investments in clean energy research, development and production of wind, solar, and other renewable energy sources and technologies. It is important that we tie our 21st Century energy policy to economic development by promoting deeper investments in mass transit and utility infrastructure, especially for vulnerable communities -- that's about jobs. This type of forward thinking, multi-faceted approach will provide real solutions to global warming and will be the catalyst of our nation's next economic boom.There is nothing in the Constitution that allows Congress to enact such legislation. Geothermal loop heating and cooling is the most cost effective means of reducing energy consumption(30% to 50%) in the home. This can be done cheaply with no government intervention necessary. I would support a tax credit for retrofitting homes.

Compressed natural gas cars are sold by Honda and others. An inexpensive retrofit kit to allow you to refuel your car at home is available. This again can be done with out massive government funds. I would support a tax credit for this.

Americans have trillions of dollars in their retirement accounts, much of which is invested in oil companies. It is the American people and not government that can more easily move these funds into new alternative energy companies. I would support legislation to allow everyone the ability to self direct their retirement funds into not just what will make them more money, but into technologies that they believe will make the world a better place for our children.

There are two basic types of nuclear reactors: One used in US plants that melts down when it runs dry and, the other used in Europe that shuts down when it runs dry.

France produces 80% of its electric power from nuclear and is the world's largest exporter of electricity. Nuclear energy is both safe and one of the cleanest for of energy production.

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