Thibeaux Lincecum
Libertarian for U.S. Congress in 2008

Maryland District Four

Smaller Government - Lower Taxes - More Freedom
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What measures do you support to balance the interests of businesses and individuals with the protection and improvement of our environment?
Thibeaux LincecumDonna EdwardsPeter James
The Declaration of Independence affirms our right to life, so government is obligated to restrict life-threatening pollution. However, carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, and climate change, although probably requiring adaptation, is not clearly life-threatening. Regulations should be specified at the most local level possible, so federal regulations should apply only to pollution crossing state borders. I further support ending federal governmental immunity from state environmental regulations.A sound environmental policy means good jobs and good business. I support long-term investments in clean, renewable energy solar, wind, biofuels -- and mass transportation to provide real solutions to protect the environment for future generations. We must reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and end subsidies of polluting industries.If pollution crosses state or national borders, provide easy access to jury trials and remove all that pretrial legal fiction that favors wealthy litigants. This will reduce unneeded regulation, provide quick affordable justice for both the private citizen plaintiffs and small business defendants. Allow cost recovery of frivolous suits.

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