Thibeaux Lincecum
Libertarian for U.S. Congress in 2008

Maryland District Four

Smaller Government - Lower Taxes - More Freedom
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Health Care
What plans need to be put into place to meet the Country's health care needs?
Thibeaux LincecumDonna EdwardsPeter James
Allow individuals to purchase health insurance and medical care for themselves with the same tax benefits given to employers and third parties, with any terms agreeable to themselves and the insurer. Lower drug costs by allowing doctors to rely on drug certification by multiple organizations, rather than only the FDA.I support long-term solutions to address the lack of affordable, accessible, quality, universal health care for all Americans—prevention and doctors making medical decisions. I will fight to enable states to negotiate prescription drug prices, and I will not take contributions from drug and insurance companies that block real change.This is not a power granted to Congress. It must be regulated at the state level. I favor a a a “fee for service” system or Cooperatives. Money taxed and spent locally for healthcare for the poor will be far more cost efficient. Competitive bidding with local providers is best.

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