Thibeaux Lincecum
Libertarian for U.S. Congress in 2008

Maryland District Four

Smaller Government - Lower Taxes - More Freedom
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Q. What are your top three priorities for the next two years, if elected?
Thibeaux LincecumDonna EdwardsPeter James
Balance the Federal Budget by reducing spending on almost all government programs.

Increase Freedom by eliminating laws against 'victimless crimes.'

Improve National Security by stopping our interventions into foreign conflicts.

Establish a quality, affordable, universal healthcare system. I am a strong proponent of comprehensive, quality, accessible and affordable health care for all. As healthcare costs are skyrocketing and eating increasingly into the budgets of families throughout our district, I believe we need to move swiftly toward a major overhaul of our health care delivery system that does not rely on an employer-based insurance model. Affordable health care access for all is sound social and economic policy that needs to be addressed immediately. I will support and work toward a universal, single-payer health care policy that meets the health care needs of the ever-increasing millions of Americans and the nearly 800,000 Marylanders who are without health care and those additional millions who have inadequate care. In the richest nation in the world, there is no reason why 46 million Americans should have to go without proper healthcare coverage.

Address educational issues. We are the richest country in the world and yet our educational system is headed in the wrong direction. Regarding NCLB, the next Congress must either fix the deficiencies and then reauthorize or start over from scratch. The education of our children is simply too important and action must be taken immediately. I would also work to secure additional funding for vocational and technical training schools that has been slashed under the Bush Administration. These programs provide a critical opportunity for non-college bound students to learn a skilled trade to increase their earning potential. In the coming years we will need a trained and skilled workforce to fill jobs that will be required to rebuild the nationís infrastructure, from bridges, to rail transit, to water and sewer systems, to a new power grid as we move toward 21st Century energy technologies. We must also provide the proper support for our community colleges that represent an important educational option for so many students.

End the War in Iraq. I opposed the war in Iraq from the beginning, believing it to be a foreign policy mistake and a potential military quagmire. Nonetheless, we must act decisively now so that a political solution can be achieved by and for Iraqis. I will support legislation to set a firm date to begin withdrawal as soon as possible. The best military estimates suggest that if we begin today, it would take 9 months to fully withdraw personnel and equipment from Iraq. This is why I believe we must establish a date certain and begin withdrawal now. We must simultaneously engage multilateral institutions such as the United Nations and re-establish ties with allies that we alienated in the run up to and conduct of the war to attain a diplomatic solution in Iraq.

1) Abolish the Federal Reserve - Congress will issue the money directly.

2) Abolish the IRS. By eliminating the $400 billion in interest and returning spending levels to 2000, the Federal Government can do without the $1.1 trillion it collects in personal income taxes and have a balanced budget.

3) Restore jury trials to all and the juryís power to judge the law.

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