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Same-sex Marriage
Q. Do you support same-sex marriage?
Thibeaux LincecumDonna EdwardsPeter James
I support repealing the Defense of Marriage Act, all laws defining marriage, and all laws assigning special benefits or discriminating based on marital status, family structure, sexual orientation or gender. I support equal treatment and civil rights protections for all persons as a fundamental human right.Marriage should be conducted by the church or as an agreement between two people, not by the State. The State only fairly recently got involved in this issue for supposed public health reasons. The state should provide no more privileges to married people than it does to unmarried people. The only exception would be to take into account the burden of raising children.

The state should not interfere with any private contracts, so any two people can contract for whatever services they wish.

In any case, this is a state issue, not federal. I would not support any federal recognition of Gay marriage.

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