Thibeaux Lincecum
Libertarian for U.S. Congress in 2008

Maryland District Four

Smaller Government - Lower Taxes - More Freedom
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Transcript of Libertarian Candidate Statement to Access Montgomery regarding General Election

I'm Thibeaux Lincecum, Maryland's Libertarian candidate for the Fourth District seat in U.S. Congress.

For most issues, there is a compromise to be made between central planning and local freedom. The kind of people who run for elected office tend to be very optimistic about the effectiveness of central planning. They effectively say something like, "Just let us spend a little more money, and we'll get it right this time." The kind of people who tend NOT to run for office, which is most people, more often would prefer to KEEP their money and PERSONALLY choose how to use it to further the goals of themselves, their families and their local communities.

I wish every congressional district had a candidate whom we could trust to effectively restrain Congress from spending so much money and making so many laws to restrict our behavior. In the absence of enough such candidates, I offer myself, as someone who will work to reduce the size of federal government programs and thereby reduce both your taxes and the national debt. I hope that you will take this opportunitity to send a message to District Four and all our elected representatives that you think most things can be better handled by local or state governments, or by private organizations, by voting for me, Thibeaux Lincecum.

You can read and compare issue statements from me and the other candidates, side by side, on my website at the address Every web page on the site allows you to publicly comment, so if you find a more current statement by any candidate, please let me know, or if you just want to express your opinion on that issue, please do so.

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